covid 19 vaccine update: corona vaccine update: corona vaccine given to more than 16 lakh people in india, where is the rest of the world – corona vaccine given to over 16 lakh people in india, where are rest of the world


The Union Health Ministry said on Sunday that 10 lakh people have got Kovid-19 vaccines within just six days in the country. This is a figure that has also overtaken countries like the US and Britain. According to the ministry, around 16 lakh people have been vaccinated since the vaccination campaign started in the country. Let us tell you where the rest of the world has reached in the matter of applying Corona vaccine ….

Vaccine to over 20 million people in America

The US is one of the countries most affected by the Corona virus. Till now more than 20 million people have been vaccinated. President Joe Biden has also been vaccinated with Corona, which was broadcast live on television. However, Biden did not take the oath of office then.

1.5 million people vaccinated in China


In China, which is believed to be the cause of the onset of the corona virus pandemic, vaccination is progressing rapidly. According to statistics, about 15 million people have been vaccinated here.

63 lakh people got vaccinated in Britain


Britain was the first country in the world to approve the use of the Corona vaccine. However, the pace of vaccination here seems to be slower than the rest. Till date 63 lakh people have been vaccinated in the UK.

Vaccine to 24 million people in Israel too


The war against Corona continues in one of India’s friendly countries, Israel. So far, 24 lakh people have been vaccinated here. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also received the Corona vaccine.

Germany is also ahead of India

Germany is also currently ahead of India in the Corona vaccine. Till now more than 16.3 lakh people have been vaccinated. However, seeing the speed of vaccination in India, it seems that it will soon overtake Germany in this matter.


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