Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said most farmers do not understand the details of the bill if they did, there would be an agitation all across the country


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has made a big statement about the violence in the tractor parade of farmers on Republic Day. During a program in Wayanad, Kerala, Rahul said that most of the farmers do not understand the details of the bill, if they understand it then the movements will start in the whole country.

Gandhi said that you know the state of the country today, it is clear to everyone what is going on. India is being run by PM Narendra Modi in the interest of 2-3 big businessmen. Today every industry has a monopoly of 3-4 people. The Congress leader said, “Assembly elections are going to be held, these elections are ideological. These are elections to the ideology of UDF, LDF and RSS. “

Gandhi also taunts Modi Surger over the economy. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that how the world’s fastest growing economy is ruined by someone learn from Modi government. There has been a huge decline in India’s economy during the Corona period. Gandhi wrote, “How the world’s fastest growing economy is spoiled, no one should learn from the Modi government.”

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi appealed to the central government to withdraw the agricultural laws. On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi tweeted a statement of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and demanded the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws. Rahul wrote, “You can move the world in a polite way.” – Mahatma Gandhi… .. Once again there is an appeal to the Modi government to immediately withdraw the anti-agricultural law. ”

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