Both of them came to sell ghee, the couple cleaned the house by hypnotizing them Crime


Nowadays, no one trusts anyone easily. But believing, a terrible thing has happened.

Jalgaon, January 30: There are very few people today who show humanity. However, it cannot be said that his return will be good if these people show humanity. A similar incident has taken place in Jalgaon district.

In Jalgaon district, two women were selling ghee at Nasirabad. These women asked if we were tired at home and could get some food. At one house, the couple took pity on them and invited them into the house. I sat down and ate with full love. But these women did a terrible job showing their ingratitude.

The couple hypnotized the couple with the help of their eyes. After doing this, they committed a major robbery in the house. A total of 30,000 rupees in cash and gold jewelery were cleverly distributed. A total of 1 lakh 99 thousand 821 rupees was looted by both of them. What’s even more special is that the couple left the women on the highway.

The case was registered with the police on Saturday. According to sources, Purushottam Barsu Teli lives near the Gram Panchayat office in Nasirabad with his wife Shakuntala. Two women came to his house on Thursday the 28th to sell ghee. “Our ghee is pure and costs Rs 200 per kg.” Saying this, she was insisting on taking ghee. First, they asked for water to drink. Then they came to the house, asking for food. The couple mesmerized the couple with their eyes while eating. They looted two gold rings weighing five grams each, another one and a half tola gold ring, two gold vines, 10 grams of jewelery and Rs 30,000 in cash.

When the couple returned home, they realized that they had been cheated on. By then, the women had absconded.

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First published:January 30, 2021 8:51 PM IS


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