Border should be opened in every situation


Jagran Correspondent, Outer Delhi:

For more than two months, there has been increasing fury among the local people against the protesters sitting around the borders of the capital. Locals are now speaking out against the protesters and starting a big movement. People say that what has been done in the name of tractor parade on Republic Day, it is clear that this protest demonstration is being organized only to disturb the public. The demonstration has been going on at the Sighu border for more than two months. Due to this the movement of people there is closed as well as the wheels of business have also come to a complete halt. People say that now the border will have to be opened. No objection to performance, but wrong way to stop:

Locals say that the protesters should move from the border and perform at some other place. The general public should not be disturbed by blocking the way. Patients have to travel several kilometers to the hospital in a health emergency. Due to this people are very worried, then other businesses have to be closed. If you want to perform, do it elsewhere. The public is being harassed by crying the way. It will no longer be tolerated. These people were highly respected. Now they have to open the border.

-Richik, Dariyapur


All types of businesses on the border have come to a complete standstill. The protesters are drunk during the night. These will have to empty the border immediately.

-Sanni Sehrawat, Sighu


If these farmers were there, they would not attack the police employees and the local people with swords. If these people do not move here, then we know how to raise them.

-Sonu Dalal, Sonipat


These people cannot be farmers, they are troublemakers as farmers. Those who insult the honor of the country should not be spared under any circumstances. Move away from here and perform in some other place. Where no one has trouble.

-Jitendra Mann, Hamidpur

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