blast in israeli emabassy delhi: nk sood targets oppostion leaders after israeli embassy blast, former RAW officer NK Sood raging opposition leaders over attack near Israeli embassy



  • Former RAW officer NK Sood raging opposition over the blast outside the Israeli embassy
  • Opposition leaders held responsible for spoiling Delhi’s atmosphere
  • Said – Kisan agitation, security agencies stuck in Republic Day, explosion occurred

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After the blast near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, all security agencies are investigating it. However, the intelligence and security experts of the country say that the security agencies were busy on the farmers’ movement, Republic Day, etc. This was exploited and blasted. Former RAW officer NK Sood even blamed the opposition leaders for spoiling Delhi’s environment.

India becomes soft target due to demonstrations: Sood

NK Sood said in a program on the news channel Aaj Tak, “Be it small or big, it is a blast. The way things are happening in Delhi, the matter can be political. It also includes internal conspiracy and international conspiracy. It is going on. India has been made a soft target because of the demonstrations. Congress, Man Party etc. are fully responsible in this. “

Politicians are also responsible: former RAW officer

Sood said that the blast is an attempt to tarnish India’s image. India’s GDP is growing rapidly. India’s credibility has increased at the international level. Some politicians are trying to harm it. He said, “It is the responsibility of politicians to spoil the atmosphere here. Due to the farmers’ movement, Republic Day, etc. Delhi Police, intelligence agencies are busy. Keeping that in mind, India was made a soft target.”

“Opposition antics harm the country”
The former RAW officer said, “The way the atmosphere in Delhi has been spoiled, whether it was done on January 26 or on behalf of the farmers. It may have caused a political connection here.” While Shaheen Bagh’s performance was going on, some Congress leaders had gone to Pakistan to ask for help. They went to Pakistan and said, “Give us the money, we have to bring down the Modi government. It is an affair to harm the country.”

Conspiracy behind keeping Delhi’s environment bad?

Sood did not stop here. He blamed opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal for spoiling the atmosphere. He said, “The peasant movement was just about to end, then the leaders came in the middle. They want to create such an atmosphere inside Delhi. No opposition leader condemned the disturbance inside the Red Fort, whether in Delhi Be it CM Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi or leaders of other parties. Seeing this, it seems that they want to stop the development of Delhi and India. The leaders are trying to take advantage of the farmers’ rally of purposelessness. “

NSG team arrives near Israeli embassy to investigate the blast, found suspicious clothes

“Took advantage of diverting attention of security agencies”

Former NIA officer Navneet Rajan said on the news channel that it seems to be an international conspiracy. This has not been done locally. They knew that our security agencies were engaged in more work. The discontent that is going on at the Delhi border, with the attention of security agencies, was also taken advantage of.

Israeli embassy blast: envelope’s address written envelope by chance

The woman may have a hand in the blast: Former IB officer

Former IB officer TS Tanwar, who was involved in the same program, said, “The explosion in a sensitive area of ​​Delhi is a matter of concern. Targeting Israel is even more dangerous. The blast was carried out on 26 January by keeping an eye on Republic Day, the farmers’ movement, the incident at the Red Fort, etc. Women can also be involved in this case. The incident is not trivial. Israelis are targets, this incident is very serious. ‘

Not surprised by the attack, we had increased vigil for a few weeks: Israeli Ambassador

Tanwar further said that the whole Al Qaeda is sitting in Iran right now. Al Qaeda’s number two was married to Osama’s daughter and she was killed. Israel’s name came in it. It is possible that there has been action from Iran for revenge. Former UP DGP Vikram Singh also called the blast an international conspiracy. He said that the alarm bell had been sounded. Delhi Police will have to see it now.

NK Sood (Photo: social media)


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