BJP in West Bengal Election: The names of Rohingyas being put in the voter list are under the supervision of central forces. Bengal elections: EC to BJP – bjp demands bengal elections to be organized in security of central forces



  • BJP meets Election Commission team in West Bengal
  • The Election Commission team arrived on a tour of West Bengal before the election
  • BJP told the commission – elections should be conducted under the supervision of central force in the state

BJP leaders have met the Election Commission team on a tour of West Bengal. The BJP people have demanded from the Election Commission team that elections should be conducted under the supervision of the central force in the state. Along with this, the party has complained that they have received information that Rohingyas are being made voters in the border areas of Bengal.

The EC team has reached here before the elections in West Bengal in April-May. Several senior officials of the Election Commission have accompanied the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora on a visit. They have also met all the political parties of the state.

Accusations about Rohingyas
After the meeting with the commission, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure an atmosphere for the people to vote without fear.” It is important that the election of Bengal is under the supervision of the central forces and their deployment should be done soon. We are absolutely confident that the names of Rohingyas in the border areas have been included in the voter list and want it investigated.

Create an atmosphere for peaceful voting
Ghosh said that the Election Commission officials are reviewing the preparations for the upcoming elections here. As an opposition party in the state, we have demanded from them that elections should be held in such an environment in which people can cast their votes in a peaceful manner.

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