“Biosecurity is affecting the psyche”


Mumbai : As the threat of the corona still lingers, the sports sector, along with many others, has been hit hard over the past nearly ten months. Players are now fed up with the bubble safety and segregation rules that are now being drawn up for it, even though various competitions have started while they are getting out of it. He is asking why he should not participate in the competitions and this security and segregation is no longer needed. Similar views have been expressed by various athletes.

It is difficult to follow the strict rules of segregation while living in a bio-safe environment and this has affected my mentality during the Thailand Open Badminton Championships, admits India’s men’s singles veteran badminton player H.S. S. Pranoy gave Friday.

Against the backdrop of the Corona outbreak, players are required to live in a bio-safe environment for all types of competitions, both locally and internationally, and they also need to strictly adhere to the rules of segregation. But this is slowly affecting the mentality of the players and their performance is also deteriorating, said Pranoy, 28, in an online interview.


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