Bigg Boss 14 Breaking: Rakhi Sawant gets married to Ritesh after getting threatened, said “Otherwise he is me ….”


Rakhi Sawant has revealed to the media in the past that the Ritesh whom she married has not seen her till date.

The days that come in Bigg Boss 14’s house continue to be ruckus. Where this time Rakhi Sawant has got a completely different style in Bigg Boss house. The actress has appeared calm and gracious on many occasions. In such a situation, now the actress has made a big disclosure about her marriage. Rakhi Sawant has revealed to the media in the past that Ritesh, whom he has married, has not seen him since his marriage till date.

When Bigg Boss’s house started answering media questions, a media person asked Rakhi, “Where are your husbands, there have been many questions about them at home, but you always seem calm about your personal life. Why is it like this ? Why don’t you want to bring your husband in front of everyone? Where are they Is this marriage just for publicity? “In response to this question, the actress said” I don’t know where she is, I just know that Ritesh is my friend. Let me tell you, I have married him due to the threat of a big and influential person. There are some compulsions in everyone’s life. I had some such compulsion as well. Because of which I became Ritesh’s wife. “

Rakhi further said, “People have to do Arjantli shopping, people have to do many things. But I had to marry Arjantli. If I did not do this, then a man from our India would pick me up. This is the reason why I had to marry his friend Ritesh. Even on the wedding night, when he saw the media coming close to us, he left me and ran away. Now when I tell them that I have to put 1 picture of you on social media, then they say that I am not ready for this right now. If anything like this happens, I will be very insulted. “

Not only this, he also told that if he took the name of that influential man, then he has the power to pick him up from Bigg Boss house. She was stuck, that is why she got married. He says that Ritesh is from a large family, who have a lot of wealth. They say that if Rakhi does not like this marriage, then she can divorce from them. No one knows who Rakhi’s friend Ritesh is, but how much truth is there in Rakhi’s talk, she can only tell.

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