biden-putin talk: biden and putin discuss extension of strategic arms reduction treaty: what Biden and Vladimir Putin said, both agreed to extend arms control treaty START for next 5 years



  • US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held talks on Tuesday
  • In a statement issued by the White House, it was said that the two leaders discussed many important security issues including bilateral
  • Both leaders agreed to reduce the arms agreement to extend START by 5 more years

US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed all bilateral issues, including the key weapons-reduction agreement. White House press secretary Jane Saki gave this information on Tuesday.

The statement issued by the White House stated, ‘President Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin today. They talked about both countries’ eagerness to extend the New Start (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) for 5 years. Both leaders agreed that their teams should complete the process of extending the treaty by February 5 at the earliest.

White House said that in addition to the two leaders, all the issues related to arms control and security were discussed. The US president insisted that the US would continue to strongly support Ukraine’s sovereignty.

During this time, Biden raised a few issues in front of Putin, which has made Russia uncomfortable. He expressed concern over issues such as poisoning and subsequent arrest of Russian opposition leader Alesky Navalny, meddling in the 2020 US election, allegedly rewarding Russia on the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

The statement issued by White said, “President Biden made it clear that America would take strong action to protect its national interests. If any action by Russia hurts the US or its allies, then the US will take tough measures in response.


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