Ballot papers were blank in the counting of votes for the graduate election, a serious allegation made by Chandrakant Patil News


‘Why some parties don’t want EVM machines and why they want ballot papers in graduate elections has become clear in the run up to the Assembly elections’

Nagpur, January 06: The BJP had to face defeat in the Legislative Council graduate elections (mlc election maharashtra). After that, now BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has made serious allegations. “During the polls in Marathwada and Pune, the ballot papers were empty,” Patil alleged. Patil announced that he would hold a press conference with evidence about this.

The BJP was holding a two-day Chintan meeting. After the meeting, Chandrakant Patil addressed a press conference and presented the role of BJP.

The meeting discussed the 6th Legislative Council elections and the upcoming Gram Panchayat elections. The party is trying to get good success in fourteen and a half thousand Gram Panchayat elections. The plan for 92 Nagar Panchayat elections, 5 Municipal elections has also been discussed, informed Patil.

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‘In the graduate elections, why some parties do not want EVM machine EVM and why ballot papers are in the air has become clear on the occasion of the Legislative Assembly elections. Because in Marathwada, five thousand ballot papers were blank, in Pune constituency, in some booths, in the last hours, there has been a sudden overcrowding, non-graduates have voted, some family names have disappeared. That is why we will announce the evidence in a press conference, ‘Patil announced.

‘Some were graduate voters even when they were fifth or seventh. I will give this list to the journalists. I will take this case to the High Court too ‘, said Patil.

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The decision to change the name of Mumbai Central Terminus will be taken soon. Nanashankarseth will be named. We welcome this decision. But do you oppose the name Sambhajinagar? Is the name Aurangabad supported? Explain this’, this is the direct question Patil has asked Shiv Sena.

‘Funds will be collected from all over the country for the Ram temple. The BJP is also going to make a big contribution in raising funds for the temple in the state, ‘said Raut.

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First published:January 6, 2021, 3:20 PM IS


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