Another addition to Kangana’s difficulty; Mohinder Kaur filed a defamation suit


Mumbai : Kangana Ranaut, a 73-year-old grandmother who joined the farmers’ agitation in Delhi, was verbally abused by actress Kangana Ranaut as’ Bilkis Bano ‘. Mohinder Kaur, a veteran farmer from Punjab, has filed a defamation suit against Kangana through her lawyer. The case against Kangana will be heard by a Punjab local court on January 11.
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana, who reacted provocatively to every movement in the country, is causing a great disgrace in our society, village, neighbors and relatives. Mohinder Kaur, 73, has filed a defamation suit against Kangana in Bathinda, saying that she has to deal with mental stress. Kangana is crazy. I went to the agitation with the pure feeling that the farmers should get justice. Kaur also advised Kangana to read Gurubani and improve her behavior.

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who has always been in the limelight due to her controversial statements, was tweeted by actress Kangana Ranaut a few days back about an elderly woman who had joined the farmers’ movement. It is available at Rs. She was the same woman in Shaheen Bagh and now she is also in the farmers’ movement. Such a statement would have been made by Kangana.

Mohinder Kaur had given a good reply to Kangana. ‘I myself own 13 acres of land in Punjab. I don’t have to go to the agitation for 100 rupees. If the time comes, I can keep Kangana working on my farm. After this, Mohinder Kaur has filed a case against Kangana.

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