anna hazare on shiv sena: Anna Hazare: Can you tell me what your ministers did ?; Anna takes Shiv Sena news – Anna Hazare warns Shiv Sena on corruption issue



  • Anna Hazare’s suspension of the agitation was criticized.
  • Shiv Sena targeted Anna through mouthpiece.
  • Anna questioned Shiv Sena giving old references

Town: The front page article of Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ has sharply commented on the postponed agitation of senior social activist Anna Hazare. ‘Should the agitation be carried out only during the Congress regime? The rest is now utopia, ‘Shiv Sena has raised the question. Replying to him, Hazare said, “I did the agitation. Did you forget that your minister went home at that time?” (Anna Hazare Warns Shiv Sena Latest News Update)

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Criticism of Hazare has started after he suspended the agitation. Shiv Sena has directly questioned Anna’s role. ‘Anna has to play a role in democracy, farmers’ movement, farmers’ self-respect. Whose side is Anna on? At least Maharashtra should know the answers to these questions, ‘said Shiv Sena. Speaking to the media, Hazare has also given a blunt answer.

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Hazare said, “In the last forty years, I have carried out 20 agitations on various issues and against all parties, big and small. Six ministers have gone home from my movement so far. It also includes leaders of Shiv Sena, Congress, NCP and BJP. Ministers were corrupt during your government. Then you were backing those corrupt ministers. Even then, I protested. Did you forget that your corrupt minister went home at that time? How corrupt your ministers are. How you backed him up. I will give all the information about this, ‘Hazare has also warned.

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Explaining the nature of his agitation, Hazare said, “We never agitate on the basis of party affiliation. In the experience so far, all the parties have agitated against the government. We have been agitating on various issues for the benefit of the society and the country. I have corresponded several times since 2014 against the BJP-led central government in Delhi. Since then we have had six agitations against this government. In Delhi, he agitated for One Rank One Pension and against the Land Acquisition Bill, as well as for the farmers’ issues and for the implementation of the Lokpal-Lokayukta Act. After that, agitation was also started at Ralegan Siddhi in 2019. Doesn’t he know this, ‘Hazare has asked Shiv Sena.

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