After Noida, Greater Noida, 80 villages of New Noida, Dadri and Bulandshahar will now be acquired – Hindustan


  1. After Noida, Greater Noida, 80 villages of new Noida, Dadri and Bulandshahr will be acquiredHindustan
  2. Microsoft’s new office is no less than a five star hotel, Taj Mahal looks likeNews18 Hindi
  3. Microsoft built a beautiful office in Noida on the lines of Taj Mahal, will be stunnedLive Hindustan
  4. Microsoft’s Noida office looks like Taj Mahal, you will be surprised to seeNavbharat Times
  5. This is neither Taj Mahal nor any fort, this is Microsoft’s new office in Noida, will fly away at first sightTV9 Hindi
  6. See full news on Google News


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