4 big reasons why Bron Strowman was recalled before WWE Royal Rumble 2021


The WWE is set to host the first PPV of the 2021 season, the Royal Rumble, for which Mains and Women’s Royal Rumble matches, as well as many interesting matches have been announced. Surprising everyone, the WWE has decided to keep many superstars out of the Royal Rumble match.

Meanwhile, big superstars like Edge and Braun Strowman have been recalled before, rather than surprise surprise entry at Royal Rumble. So far it has been difficult to understand what major plans WWE officials have prepared for the first PPV of 2021.

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Strowman returns in a recent episode of SmackDown, where he beats Sammy Jane (Sami Zayn) and Cesaro. In this article, we will explain some reasons which explain why Strowman’s return was made before Royal Rumble 2021.

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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 to make PPV interesting

Making WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV interesting is the biggest motive for the return of Bron Strowman. The names of 70% of the Mens Royal Rumble matches have already been revealed. In which veteran superstars like Randy Orton, Ray Mysterio, Edge and Jeff Hardy will be seen performing.

The Monster Among Men Attacked Heal Superstars at SmackDown, indicating they have made a comeback in the babyface character. The possibilities are high that after Royal Rumble 2021 they can be included in the storyline against a big Heel superstar.

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Strowman is one of the most popular superstars on the current roster, so his presence in a Royal Rumble match can greatly benefit the company. It will be interesting to see how many superstars he eliminates this time.

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Published 30 Jan 2021 13:35 IST


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