20 Chinese soldiers wounded, attempt to infiltrate Sikkim’s Naku-La failed


new Delhi. The ongoing deadlock on the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh between India and China (India-China Standoff), There is news of skirmish on the Sikkim border. According to the information received, Naku La of Sikkim (Sikkim Naku La Clash) The Chinese Army has attempted to change the status quo. This place is at an altitude of 19000 feet. The infiltration attempt took place three days ago. According to sources, some Chinese soldiers were moving towards the Indian border with the intention of infiltration. During this time the Indian Army retaliated, in which information is being received about the injuries of 20 soldiers of China. However, so far no official statement has come from both the countries.

According to reports, an attempt to infiltrate Sikkim’s Naku-La has taken place when the Chinese army has removed 10,000 soldiers from eastern Ladakh. According to sources, apart from East Ladakh, the Chinese Army has reduced its deployment from many areas including Sikkim, but the troops are still standing.

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Consent was made in the year 2003In fact, in the year 2003, it was agreed with the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee that Sikkim belongs to India and China will not claim it. In return, India accepted Tibet as part of China. However, within a year of this, the Deputy Foreign Minister of China had told the then Foreign Minister that the issue is not yet resolved.

Situated at an altitude of 19,000 feet, China considers this area as disputed. The occurrence of such a phenomenon in extreme cold at such a height tells how bad the situation between the two countries is on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Will India-China dispute resolve?
So far 9 rounds of talks have been held between India and China, but no solution has been found. To reduce the tension, diplomats of both countries are meeting each other and are constantly discussing this issue. Last year, ie from May 2020, the Chinese army tried to infiltrate several places during the Corona epidemic on the 826 km long Line of Actual Control, ie LAC, which is adjacent to eastern Ladakh. During this time, violent clashes also took place between the armies of the two countries in the Galwan Valley.

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There has been a long dispute in Doklam
Talking about the Sikkim sector, here in 2017, there has been a tense situation at the Doklam Tri-junction for 73 days. At that time also tensions had increased so much that the chances of war were being expressed. After this, a sharp clash occurred near Naku-La Pass in 2020. Before that on May 5, 2020 in Ladakh, soldiers of both countries had come face to face on the northern side of Pangong Tso Lake. (With input by Sandeep Bol)


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