2 superstars who desperately need to win a Royal Rumble match and 2 who should not win at all


Royal Rumble PPV is now very close. In this event, apart from championship matches, Royal Rumble matches will be organized. For the last few years, two Royal Rumble matches have been seen. Men’s and women’s superstars are interesting to watch compared to both. This year many big superstars have announced names for both the matches.

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The question in everyone’s mind is who will win the Royal Rumble. Also will win the title match at WrestleMania. The names of different possible winners are coming to everyone’s mind. Despite this, there are some superstars who should not win in a Royal Rumble match. Apart from this, there are some superstars who are in dire need of victory.

2- Shouldn’t win at all in a Royal Rumble match: Charlett Flair

The women’s Royal Rumble match has a Sharlet flair. She is the biggest women’s superstar of WWE and her chances of winning in the match she attends. WWE always puts Flair in a championship match in an event like WrestleMania. In such a situation, there will be more chances of him winning the Royal Rumble match and challenging for the championship.

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Despite this, they should not win here under any circumstances. Last year, he won the Women’s Royal Rumble match. In such a situation, it will be disappointing to win them once again. Instead any other superstar should win. In the women’s Royal Rumble match, Charlotte must go to the end, but perhaps she is not the right choice at this time to win.

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Published 30 Jan 2021, 15:15 CET


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