12 years old Christian girl kidnaped, raped and chained up for 5 months in Pakistan | Pakistan: 12-year-old girl kidnapped and then forcibly married, tied all day with chains


Islamabad: A 12-year-old girl living in Pakistan has faced countless tortures. After the kidnapper was freed from the clutches, when the girl heard anecdote, the listeners’ soul trembled. The innocent was first kidnapped, then his body was scratched for a long time and then he was forcibly married to a middle-aged man. Where he was kept in fetters like animals. When the police freed the girl from the house of a Muslim resident of Faisalabad last month, many wounds from fetters were found on her ankles.

Imran’s government is silent

Atrocities with minorities have become common in Pakistan. Countless cases of Christian and Hindu girls being abducted and forced to convert, have been reported. Despite this, Imran Khan’s government is not taking any specific steps to protect the minorities. Police said that the victim was kept captive by the accused in the house and used to get cow dung from her all day.

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Rape many times

It is being said that the child’s family made several complaints to the police, but they were ignored. According to the victim’s family, the girl was kept as a slave. He was forced to work all day, the dirt of animals was cleaned. Not only this, he was kept in shackles for 24 hours. The family said that the girl was abducted in June last year and raped several times. Despite this, the official report was not recorded till September.

Police was threatening

The victim’s family alleges that they were being tortured in various ways. In the fake medical report, a conspiracy was hatched to tell the girl’s age 16-17 while in the birth certificate she is 12 years old. The girl’s father said that we were being pressurized that we forget our baby girl. The police made racist remarks on us and also threatened to file a blasphemy case against us. At the same time, Christian charity organizations claim that girls are abducted on a large scale and forced to marry. According to human rights organizations, every year thousands of Christian and Hindu girls are abducted and forced to accept Islam.


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