Vaibhav Naik’s fierce counterattack, a mine planted in Rane’s fort


Sindhudurg: Shiv Sena MLA Vaibhav Naik and BJP MLA Nitesh Rane have a good fight in Sindhudurg. Kudal Panchayat Samiti chairman Nutan Iyer joined the BJP on October 29 in the presence of Nitesh Rane in Kankavali. Therefore, BJP came to power in Kudal Panchayat Samiti.

Now, while the genre is fresh, Vaibhav Naik got rid of it in just three days. Naik retaliated against Rane by admitting a staunch Rane supporter Panchayat Samiti member in Shiv Sena. Kudal Panchayat Samiti member Nilima Walawalkar, a staunch Rane supporter, joined the Shiv Sena. Walawalkar is an existing member of Kudal Panchayat Samiti in Pinguli constituency. MLA Nitesh Rane has been pushed by Vaibhav Naik by admitting him in Shiv Sena.

The party was inaugurated by Minister of State for Revenue Abdul Sattar in the presence of MP Vinayak Raut. This entry is considered to be a big blow to Narayan Rane.

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