uttar pradesh love jihad sit investigation claimed out any conspiracy and not found evidence that muslim youth involved got any fund – SIT investigation on “love jihad” in UP completed: no intrigue, nor leads of foreign fund


The Special Investigation Team (SIT), formed to investigate cases related to alleged ‘love jihad’ in Uttar Pradesh, has completed its investigation. The SIT investigation has not revealed any conspiracy or Muslim youths to take foreign funds. Please tell here that this SIT was formed in the month of September. This team was investigating 14 cases in which ‘Love Jihad’ was planted. The SIT submitted its report on Monday. This report also said that no Muslim youth had the support of any organization. Just a few days ago the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has spoken of bringing an ordinance against the conversion of religion in the state illegally. This ordinance was said to be brought in view of the increasing allegations of ‘Love Jihad’.

The SIT which submitted its report was formed by IG range Mohit Aggarwal of Kanpur range. In fact, members of some Hindu organizations (including Vishwa Hindu Parishad) met him and alleged that Muslim youths were conspiring and marrying Hindu girls and then converting them. They also had the hope that for this they are getting funds from abroad so that they can hide their identity in front of the girl before marriage. This SIT was headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police Vikas Pandey. Under his leadership, the team was investigating cases registered in 14 different police stations in Kanpur district where Hindu girls married Muslim youths. All these cases were registered within the last 2 years.

Talking to ‘The Indian Express’ about all these 14 cases, the IG said that the SIT has found out in the investigation that the police have taken action against the accused in 11 cases. All these have been booked in sections 363, 366 and other sections. While 8 cases have also revealed that the victim girl was a minor.

There are 3 out of 14 cases in which the police has filed a closure report. In fact, Hindu women who have crossed the age of 18 years have given a statement in favor of the accused. These women have said that they have married a Muslim young man of their own free will.

IG also informed that out of 11 cases in which action has been taken against the accused, there are 3 cases in which Muslim youth are accused that they have hidden their identity. To impress the girl, the boy had forged identity cards and fake documents. In this case, the police has registered a case of forgery against the accused.

When the investigation team investigated all these 11 cases with a conspiracy angle, it was revealed that there are only 4 of these cases in which Muslim youth know each other and the reason is that they live in the same area. The matter of the conspiracy could not be proved in the investigation. In three of the 11 cases, the victim claimed that she was forcibly converted and then married.

The DSP, who headed the SIT, said that in the investigation of 11 cases, it has been revealed that the necessary government rules were not followed when the girls were renamed before their marriage. Not only this, their marriage is also not registered under the Special Marriage Act.

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