US election 2020: waiting for results may be longer


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The 2016 election results were extremely close

After the vote on 03 November, the eyes of the American people are now on who among Biden and Donald Trump will be the next President of America.

A look at the things that will be interesting to see.

Some Important Information:

  • It is not necessary to get the most votes to become the US President. Rather, candidates are aiming to cross the majority figure i.e. 270 in the Electoral College.
  • This time several lakh people have voted through the post against the earlier elections. It may take longer to count ballot papers from the post and in some provinces, the ballot papers from the post will be counted only after the voting starts. In this case, it is natural to delay the results.
  • Due to the unexpected increase in postal voting, the candidate running ahead may also lag behind. In this case, watch the results carefully.

Some important words of US elections:


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