up love jihad ordinance: Anti-conversion ordinance will not be applicable on ‘homecoming’ in UP, apply 60 days before to change religion by will … Learn all the important things – know all about uttar pradesh ordinance on love jihad



  • The ordinance on conversion was implemented after the approval of the Governor
  • This ordinance will not apply to a person’s return to earlier religion
  • To change religion with your wish, application has to be given 60 days in advance

UP Governor Anandi Ben Patel on Saturday approved the ‘Uttar Pradesh Law Against Religion Prohibition Ordinance-2020’. Now it has been implemented in the entire state. If a person returns to his earlier religion, this ordinance will not apply to him. It is clear in the ordinance that forcible conversions will be punishable by jail and at the same time, he will also have to pay a compensation of up to Rs five lakh to the victim. The punishment will be doubled for repeat offenses.

According to the ordinance, if anyone forcibly, greed, coercion or under his influence gets someone to convert, then the FIR, mother, father, brother, sister or any married or adopted person of the victim filed an FIR against him. Can get it done. Under Section 3 of the Ordinance, such acts are classified as offenses.

Court got this power under ordinance
Under Section 3, punishment has been made for punishment ranging from one year to 10 years and fines ranging from 15 thousand to 50 thousand rupees in different categories. The court is empowered under this ordinance that it can also order a compensation of up to five lakh rupees to compensate the victim. Not only this, there has also been provision for double punishment for committing crimes related to conversion more than once.

Application required to change religion with desire
Anyone who wishes to convert to their wish will have to apply 60 days before the DM or the ADM they have acquired. Any person or organization that is organizing religious conversion will have to give information in this regard to DM or ADM a month in advance. After this, due to conversion from the DM level through the police, any pressure and inducement will be investigated.

Conversion will not be allowed under the garb of love. BJP governments are bringing strict laws to stop it.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, CM MP (in Prayagraj)

It would be illegal and void if someone was forcing religious, greed or using their influence to convert the district administration by giving false information. Not only this, he will also get a jail term ranging from six months to three years and a fine of Rs 10,000 for violation of sub-sections one and two. A proclamation form in the form of proselytizing will have to be submitted to the DM within sixty days.

Screws on religious conversion helpers
DM will display this announcement on the notice board here. The convert will have to appear before the DM within 21 days and give his identity and confirm the contents of the declaration. Counselors, helpers and abettors for crime will also be accused in the conversion. The burden of proving himself innocent in forced conversion will rest with the accused.

No change in ordinance for 2 years
The ordinance empowers changes in the currents and provisions to remove any difficulty as per the need. But no changes can be made for two years from the date of its implementation. Changes in the rules can also be done by issuing notification.

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