UP Love Jihad Law: Strict law will come soon on Love Jihad, proposal sent from Home Department to Law Department – love jihad law proposal sent from home department to law department in uttar pradesh



  • Strict law may come soon on Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh
  • Home Ministry of Yogi Government has sent proposal to Law Ministry
  • The High Court’s comment can be grounded in making laws

Law on Love Jihad may come soon in Uttar Pradesh. The home department of the state has also prepared a draft of the law. It has been sent to the Law Department for testing. Significantly, in the past days, after the cases of Love Jihad in many parts of Uttar Pradesh, the discussion about the law was intensified. Now Uttar Pradesh has become the first state in the country to start an exercise in this matter.

Earlier, the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath had indicated that the state government was preparing to bring a law against Love Jihad. CM Yogi had cited a comment of the Allahabad High Court, saying that the court order would be followed and the sisters and daughters would be respected. He had warned the jihadis that in disguise, in disguise, those who hide their names and play with the honor of the daughters, I warn them that their Ram-Naam is about to come to the truth

Outline of possible legislation is ready in MP
Apart from Uttar Pradesh, preparations are being made to bring laws against Love Jihad in Bihar, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. The outline of the law has also been prepared in Madhya Pradesh. A minister of MP government said that a possible law against Love Jihad provides for a punishment of 5 years for the offender. Case will be filed in non-bailable sections. According to the possible law, conversion will have to be obtained a month in advance. This proposal can be tabled in the House in the upcoming assembly session of Madhya Pradesh.

How will love jihad law in UP?
The primary things that are coming up in connection with the law on Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh include the provision of punishing the accused for 1-7 years after the conviction. According to media reports, the law that is going to be enacted on Love Jihad can broadly include these things:
1. If people of two religions marry, then it will be investigated whether the marriage has been done in a fraudulent manner, by seduction or under blackmail.
2. In case of any of the above mentioned cases of people of two religions, then the blood relative of the boy and girl can complain about it, after which the case will be investigated.
3. A marriage done in a fraudulent manner, by inducement or by blackmail will be considered a crime and will be punished from 1 year to 7 years if convicted. Also, economic penalties will also be imposed.

Allahabad High Court comments
Prior to Yogi’s warning, the Allahabad High Court had also made significant remarks on the Love Jihad case. The court said that it is not valid to convert only for marriage. This comment of the High Court can be made the basis in the law of the state government. In the past, CM Yogi had indicated that the Allahabad High Court has given an order that conversion to marriage should not be recognized. Because of this, the government is also deciding that we will work strictly to stop love jihad. Will make an effective law.

Murder for not converting!
After the cases of Love Jihad came up in many districts of UP, discussion on the law started on it. A student Nikita Tomar was killed in Ballabhgarh area of ​​Haryana. It was alleged that Nikita was killed by a boy named Tausif, who was pressurizing him to convert.

Preparation of law in Madhya Pradesh too
Apart from Uttar Pradesh, the Madhya Pradesh government has also claimed to enact a law on Love Jihad. Madhya Pradesh government has taken the first initiative in this matter. State Home Minister Narottam Mishra announced that the law related to it will be introduced in the Assembly soon. This will be a non-bailable offense and there will be a provision of punishment of up to five years for the convicts.

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