Traffic Police Dragged On Car Bonnet In Nagpur, Driver Booked For Attempt To Murder


Nagpur: A shocking example of how arrogant the goons have become in Nagpur came to light in the Sakkarada area. A car driver tried to blow up a traffic constable with his car. Fortunately, the life of traffic constable Amol Chidgamwar has been saved in this incident. A similar incident had taken place in Pune earlier this month. The driver had made a life-threatening journey by taking the traffic police on a bonnet to avoid action.

The car with dark black films was being raided by the Nagpur Police Traffic Branch yesterday (November 29) evening in Sakkarada area of ​​Nagpur. At the same time, traffic constable Amol Chidgamwar’s car MH31DV3222 was seen with dark black films on the glass. Amol Chidgamwar signaled the car to stop. But the driver Akash Chavan pretended to stop the car and turned the car towards the road. As a result, traffic constable Chidgamwar became somewhat indifferent. But suddenly Akash Chavan increased the speed of the car and tried to flee. So Chidgamwar tried to stop the car coming in front. At that time, the driver increased the speed and took Chidgamwar directly on the bonnet of the car and drove the car from Sakkarada area towards Chhota Tajbagh area.

Deadly journey with driver on police bonnet to avoid action, captured on thriller camera

While Amol Chidgamwar was on the bonnet, the car started running off the road. Many saw that scene. Akash Chavan, who was trying to blow up the police, was hit by a car on the way to Chhota Taj Bagh. Several bikers collapsed in it. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured. Police stopped the car near Chhota Taj Bagh. Then I saw a young woman sitting in the car with Akash.

Police have arrested car driver Akash Chavan on charges of attempted murder and obstruction of government work. The shocking fact is that the accused car driver Akash Chavan is a member of the notorious Shekhu gang in Nagpur and had earlier been prosecuted under MCOCA. So, if the goons roaming the streets of Nagpur do not obey the police and the law, one can easily imagine how much they are harassing the common man.

Nagpur News | Attempt to drive over traffic police officer, accused arrested


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