Three people were shot in the firing firing during Chhatghat of Chhapra during worship


Those injured in the Harsh firing are undergoing treatment at Chapra Sadar Hospital.

Near Mubarakpur Chhat Ghat in Majhi police station area of ​​Chhapra, some people were firing aerial weapons with illegal weapons, when a bullet went towards the crowd, seriously injuring 3 people. However the firing person escaped.

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  • Last Updated:November 20, 2020 8:20 PM IS

Chhapra At Chhatghat of Chhapra, three people have been injured in the joyous firing done while offering the Asthachalagami sun. At first glance, it seems that this accident was due to miss firing. The condition of two of those injured in this joy firing is very serious, they have been admitted to Chhapra Sadar Hospital. It is being told that near Mubarakpur Chhat Ghat of Majhi police station area, some people were doing air firing with illegal weapons, then a bullet went towards the crowd, seriously injuring 3 people. However the firing person escaped.

Many videos of this occasion have also appeared. In one video, a man is seen firing a bullet in his tank. Earlier, this person took bullets from another partner and kept it in his pocket. In another video at the same time, it was shown that as soon as the person shot in his pistol that the horse was pressed with his hand and shot in the arm of the person standing in front. One of the two injured was named Golu Singh, who hails from Mubarakpur. The other man who was injured in this accident had come to his maternal uncle’s house on the occasion of Chhath, his name was said to be Hrithik Singh. He came from Kavirar.

Some videos are also of the hospital where those injured by Harsh firing have been admitted. In this video shot of the hospital, it is seen that the doctors are treating the two injured people. In another video, eye-witness Ritesh Kumar Singh told that they were dropping firecrackers at Chhatghat. Meanwhile, an unknown person came. He had a bag in his hand. Eyewitnesses said that there was no dispute with anyone. On this occasion, we were firing firecrackers and he was firing air. Meanwhile, a bullet misfire and injured three people.


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