There is no scope for improvement in air pollution till Diwali in Delhi and NCR common man issues


new Delhi. Delhi Air Pullulation: The air pollution situation in Delhi-NCR remains serious. Due to poisonous air, people are not breathing properly. Children and the elderly are reaching the hospital due to pollution, with most people complaining of respiratory problems and eye irritation. For the last 7 consecutive days, there has been a situation of health emergency in Delhi-NCR. On Wednesday, the situation has seen a slight improvement. The air quality level in Delhi has come down to 400. It is followed by winds. AQI 369 remained at Patparganj area of ​​Delhi on Wednesday.

Earlier, the air quality index reached 500 in almost all areas of NCR as well as Delhi. On Tuesday, all 36 stations in Delhi remained in the Red Zone due to smog and air pollution. The situation is not expected to improve much. According to Safar, even after Diwali, it is necessary for relief to be accompanied by strong wind and good rain, but there is no hope that the situation will improve much.

Lack of rain is the main reason behind the more serious situation of air pollution.

Dr. D Saha (Member, Expert Committee, Union Ministry of Environment) says that one of the main reasons behind the more serious situation of air pollution this year is not rain, while the humidity in the air is high. Due to this, neither the polluting elements are getting trimmed nor the wind speed is increasing. As long as the speed of the wind will not increase and there will be no rain, it is difficult to be normal.


  • Faridabad – 448
  • Ghaziabad – 444
  • Greater Noida – 436
  • Gurugram – 427
  • Noida – 455

It is being told that 2,247 cases of stubble burning have been reported in Uttar Pradesh as well as in Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand. Due to this, starchy smoke accounted for 22 percent of Delhi’s pollution on Tuesday. However, due to increasing pollution in Delhi, there is also smoke of vehicles. In addition, several local factors are also responsible.

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