Tejashwi Yadav has made a dent in the votes of Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi with his upper castes.


According to exit poll estimates, Bihar is going to have a stunning government. At the same time, the NDA is suffering big losses. The exit poll results show that there is a breakdown in the core voters of the NDA as well. Tejashwi has won the trust of the people by promising to take everyone along. Perhaps this is why the results are hinting in his favor. Let us explain to you which of the voters of NDA have benefited from the scattering of Tejashwi Yadav.

Let’s look at the last 2 elections before understanding the split in NDA votes. Nitish Kumar was with the NDA in the 2010 assembly elections. The BJP won 91 seats in this election and the strike rate was 89.2 percent. At the same time, JDU had won 115 seats. JDU had a strike rate of 81.6 percent. Overall, BJP’s strike rate was better than JDU. The situation had changed in the 2015 assembly elections. JDU and BJP had split. BJP had won only 53 seats. The strike rate has been 33.8 percent. Whereas in the same year JDU has a strike rate of 70.3%. At the same time, in 2015 alone, BJP’s vote share was 24.4 percent. While RJD has 18.4 and JDU 16.8 per cent vote share. The BJP was the largest party in terms of vote share.

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Happy with Modi, angry with Nitish
In Bihar, the upper caste voters are believed to live with the NDA. According to the exit poll of Aaj Tak-Axis My India, 43 per cent believed that they wanted to give Nitish another chance due to the good work done by the Center. At the same time, the ground reality is also similar. There is a lot of resentment among upper caste voters with Nitish. There is also some resentment over the local candidates.

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This has been the case in the ground report
First of all, let’s talk about Jehanabad assembly constituency. The area has a large population of upper caste voters. The JDU made Education Minister Krishnanandan Verma a candidate this time, who had been protesting since day one. Local experts say that more Bhumihars in anger voted for LJP candidate Indu Kashyap. Even before this, Nitish Kumar has used social engineering in this field. Even in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, upper caste voters of this region were angry with Nitish but voted in Modi’s name.

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At the same time, we talk of Sakra assembly constituency of Muzaffar district. JDU has also given ticket to outsider Ashok Chaudhary from here. Sakra has a good population of upper caste voters. Due to the resentment of Nitish and the candidates, most upper caste voters voted for the LJP candidate in anger. Not only the upper castes, there is also a split in the votes of the Mahadalits and the backward castes. Voters of these castes have also voted for Tejashwi. In many places, people have voted for the grand alliance due to autonomous candidates.

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Mokama is a good example
It is believed that the upper castes do not vote for the RJD. But this time, due to the stakes of Tejashwi, the upper caste votes have also been divided. Tejashwi has distributed a lot of tickets to upper caste candidates this time. Also promised to take everyone along. Tejaswi had given ticket to Bahubali from Mokama seat and Anant Singh from Bhumihar caste. Mokama’s Bhumihar has voted heavily for the grand alliance in the name of the candidate. Similar situation has arisen in many seats in Bihar, which has directly benefited Tejashwi Yadav.

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Tejaswi bets on upper castes
In this election, Tejashwi has managed everyone well. Jagadanand Singh, who came from Rajput caste before the stunning Bihar election, was made the state president. Along with this, 2 upper caste candidates were sent to Rajya Sabha, including a national spokesperson Manoj Jha. Also come from other Bhumihar caste. Along with this, tickets have also been given to the strong faces of the upper castes. Manoj Jha has been leading the party during the entire election. In this election, Tejashwi gave tickets to 13 upper caste candidates. Along with this, the ally Congress has also given tickets to many upper castes. While RJD did not give ticket to a single Bhumihar in the 2015 assembly elections.

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Burglary in NDA votes
In the 2015 election, Areddy’s vote percentage was 18.4 percent, while that of Congress was 6.7 percent. At the same time, the left has also been close to 5 to 6 percent. If all three are combined, then this vote percentage is close to 30 percent. But in all exit polls, the grand alliance vote percentage is 43–44 percent. In such a situation, the votes of Tejashwi have increased by 14 percent. It is clear that Tejashwi has made a dent in the NDA votes.


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