Such is the caste equation of the new assembly of Bihar, the number of Rajput and Bhumihar MLAs has increased.


Patna. Seeing the results which have come out after the Bihar Assembly 2020 Election, it shows that the upper caste voters in Bihar have specially benefited the BJP. After looking at the result of the assembly elections of 2020, it is found that this time one out of every four MLAs is elected upper caste legislator. With this, the MLAs of the Yadav, Kurmi and Kushwaha communities have reduced earlier.

In Bihar, the alliance of BJP and JDU is not good for JDU this time, but this political equation has proved beneficial for the upper caste voters, because this time the number of MLAs from the upper caste community has increased. Along with this, the equation of BJP-JDU in Bihar has proved to be harmful for castes like Yadav, Kurmi and Kushwaha in Bihar. This is the reason that the MLAs of the castes coming from these OBC communities have decreased.

In the politics of Bihar, the way the NDA worked with the BJP, JDU, VIP and HAM to help the forward and backward castes, Bajpai got the most benefit. This time one out of every four MLAs in Bihar Legislative Assembly is Savarna. Out of 243 assembly seats in the state, about 64 MLAs have been elected from forward castes.
28 Rajput MLAs in Bihar A total of 28 Rajput MLAs have won in the 2020 assembly elections, while in 2015, 20 Rajput MLAs won. This time eight Rajput MLAs have won more than last time. This time the BJP gave tickets to 21 Rajputs, out of which 15 people have won. Out of 7 JDU candidates, only 2 could win. At the same time, two live on VIP tickets. In this way, 19 out of 29 tickets of NDA have reached Rajput assembly.

Mahagathbandhan gave tickets to 18 Rajputs

The Mahagathbandhan led by Tejashwi Yadav gave tickets to 18 Rajputs this time, out of which only 8 candidates could win. At the same time, RJD gave tickets to 8 Rajputs this time, out of which seven candidates have won. Only one of the 10 Rajputs of the Congress has won. Apart from this, an independent Rajput MLA has won. Let me tell you that in the last elections, 9 of BJP, 2 of RJD, 6 of JDU and three Rajput MLAs from Congress won. In such a situation, there has been an increase in the victory of Rajputs in BJP and RJD, then there has been a decrease in JDU.

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Bhumihar MLAs should increase in Bihar
This time 21 Bhumihar MLAs have won from many parties in Bihar elections, while in 2015 17 MLAs won. This time most MLAs have won from BJP. Of the 14 Bhumihar candidates of BJP, 8 have won from JDU’s 8 Bhumihar candidates. One candidate from HAM has won. In this way, 14 Bhumihar MLAs have been formed from the NDA. At the same time, 6 Bhumihar MLAs have won on the grand alliance ticket. Among them, 4 out of the 11 candidates of Congress have won, while 1-1 MLAs from RJD and CPI have won. In 2015, 9 Bhumihar MLAs were elected from BJP, 4 from JDU and 3 from Congress.

Brahmin MLA also increased
Bihar has won 12 Brahmin MLAs this time, while in 2015 11 MLAs won. This time 5 out of 12 Brahmin candidates of BJP have won and both JDU Brahmin candidates have won the assembly. At the same time, 3 of the 9 Brahmins of the Congress have won, while 2 of the 4 RJD MLAs have won. In the 2015 elections, 11 Brahmins won, 3 of which were from BJP, 1 RJD, 2 JDU and 4 Congress. At the same time, three MLAs from Kayastha community have won. They all live on BJP tickets. In 2015, Kayastha MLAs won two from BJP and one from Congress.

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Number of Yadav MLAs decreased
In Bihar this time, the number of Yadav MLAs has decreased in the assembly elections. This time the number has reached the 2010 figure. This time, a total of 52 Yadav MLAs have won from various parties in the elections, while in 2015 61 MLAs had won. .

Reduction in Kurmi-Kushwaha MLAs
Not only Yadav but the number of Kurmi and Kushwaha MLAs has also decreased in the 2020 Bihar elections. This time only 9 Kurmi MLAs have won, while in 2015 16 Kurmi MLAs won. This time only 7 out of the 12 Kurmi candidates of JDU have won. While two Kurmi MLAs have been elected on the BJP ticket. Not a single Kurmi could win from RJD and Congress. In 2015, JDU won 13 while only one Kurmi MLA won from BJP, Congress and Congress.

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Number of Muslim MLAs decreased
The number of Muslim legislators in Bihar has also gone back ten years. This time elections have won 19 Muslim MLAs, while in 2015 24 Muslim MLAs were elected. The maximum number of 8 Muslims has won on RJD ticket, while the second number 5 Muslim MLA has been elected from India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen. Apart from this, four from Congress, one from CPI (Male) and one from BSP have won, while not a single Muslim from JDU could win. At the same time, in the 2015 elections, 11 Muslim candidates were elected from RJD, 7 from Congress, 5 from JDU and one from CPI (Male).


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