shivpal yadav on curruption: when Shivpal Yadav said- ‘the SP would have worked for Rs 500 in the SP government, now does not talk below 10 thousand’ – shivpal yadav told about corruption rate list of former samajwadi party regime



  • Senior leader of PSP Shivpal Yadav slipped tongue
  • Yadav counted corruption rate list in former SP government
  • ‘The work that the government used to do in our government in 500 now demands 10 thousand’

Senior leader Shivpal Yadav, who broke away from the Samajwadi Party and formed a new party, gave an open forum to show the rate list of corruption in the former SP government. On Friday, the leader of the Progressive Samajwadi Party, who came to attend an event in Gonda, slipped. Taking a dig at the present BJP government’s claim of ending corruption in 100 days, he said – ‘In SP government, the work which used to be done for 100-500 rupees or one thousand rupees, today the jailor does not talk below 10 thousand rupees.’ Shivpal did not stop here, he said- ‘If a false report is made, it takes 50 thousand to one lakh rupees.’

After the program, Shivpal Yadav lashed out at the BJP government for speaking to reporters. Taking a dig at the ruling party, Shivpal said that corruption is at its peak in the BJP government. The recommendations of ministers and legislators are not even heard in this government. Even after the recommendation the police is taking Rs. In our rule, there were also works by the block level leader.

‘Will contest elections together with SP’
On the question of the political journey ahead, Shivpal said that there will be an alliance with the Samajwadi Party and will fight the elections together with the SP. Shivpal also took a dig at the BJP government and said that the central and state governments did not fulfill any of their promises. Taking a dig at Shivpal, he said that the BJP government at the Center and in the state have failed completely. The public has made up its mind against the BJP and the situation in the country and the state will not improve until the BJP withdraws.


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