Severe outbreak of corona in kerala maharashtra delhi rajasthan including many states here is details, read the outbreak of corona virus in many states of the country including Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi Rajasthan


COVID-19 cases updates news: The state of the capital, Delhi, Kerala Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and all the states including Corona virus infection outbreak due to the new wave seems to be the situation. 6491 cases were reported in Kerala today, while 6,159 new cases have been reported in Maharashtra. In Delhi, 5,246 new cases of corona virus infection have been registered, whereas in Rajasthan today, 3,285 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported. Here you can know the latest state of corona virus infection state-wise. Also Read – Covid-19 in India Latest Updates: Kovid cases in the country close to 93 lakhs, 44,489 new cases in 24 hours

In Delhi, 5,246 new cases of Corona virus infection have been reported on Wednesday. At the same time, 5,361 patients have recovered, while 99 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours. Also Read – Coronavirus Vaccine: Vaccine to be introduced in four stages, vaccine will be given to health workers first, know in which stage your number will come

5,246 new cases of corona virus infection in Delhi
– Total cases of corona infection in Delhi: 5,45,787
– Total so far 4,98,780 in Delhi
– Total active cases in Delhi: 38,287
– Total number of dead in Delhi: 8,720 Also Read – Ideal House Rent Act: Central Government will soon introduce Model Rent Act, know- will this stop the construction of new slums

6491 new cases in Kerala
– 6491 new cases of COVID-19 in Kerala on Wednesday
– 5770 patients cured from corona infection in Kerala
– 26 people died in Kerala from COVID-19
– Number of patients now active in the state 65,106
– Corona has so far treated 5,11,008 patients

6,159 new patients of COVID-19 in Maharashtra
– 6,159 new Kovid-19 cases in Maharashtra on Wednesday
– State 4,844 patients recovered
– 65 more deaths were recorded today in Maharashtra
– Total cases of corona in Maharashtra increased to 17,95,959
– 16,63,723 patients recovered in the state
– Currently 84,464 active cases in Maharashtra
– Maharashtra includes 46,748 deaths so far.
– 1144 new patients found in Mumbai
– 701 patients recovered and 17 people died
– Total corona cases in Mumbai 2,78,590
– 2,53,604 patients cured in Mumbai
– In Mumbai, 10,723 people died of corona.
– Mumbai has 11,101 active patients

3,285 new patients in Rajasthan
– 3,285 new cases of COVID-19 in Rajasthan came out today
– 2,144 patients recovered from corona infection in the state
– Total number of deaths in Rajasthan with 18 new deaths today stands at 2,218
– Total cases of corona in Rajasthan have increased to 2,53,767
– 2,25,229 patients cured in Rajasthan
– 26,320 active cases in the state

1540 new patients in corona infection in Gujarat
– Corona infection 1,540 new cases in Gujarat
Today, in Gujarat, the death toll is 3906 with 14 patients dead.
Today, 1,283 patients recover from corona infection in the state
– Number of people sick from corona infection in Gujarat increased to 2,01,949
1,83,756 people infected with Kovid-19 in the state so far have been cured
– So far 3,906 deaths have been reported from Corona in Gujarat.
– Currently, Corona has 14,287 active cases

1,630 new cases of COVID-19 in Karnataka
– 1,630 new cases of corona infection in Karnataka
– 1,333 patients recover from corona in Karnataka today
Total cases in the state: 8,78,055
– Total deaths rose to 11,714 in Karnataka today with 19 deaths.
– 24,890 active cases in Karnataka

831 new cases of Kovid-19 in Andhra Pradesh
In Andhra Pradesh, 831 new cases of COVID-19 were registered on Wednesday.
– 1,176 patients recovered in the state while 6 deaths occurred in 24 hours
– Total cases of corona infection in Andhra Pradesh increased to 8,64,674
– There are currently 12,673 active cases in Andhra Pradesh.
– The state has 8,45,039 active cases
– 6,962 deaths due to corona in Andhra Pradesh till date

1,534 new cases in Tamil Nadu
– 1,534 new cases of COVID-19 in Tamil Nadu
Today, 1,873 patients were cured in Tamil Nadu and 16 died.
– Total cases of corona in Tamil Nadu: 7,74,710
– Total 7,51,535 people discharged in the state
– Death toll from Corona in Tamil Nadu 11,655
Number of patients currently active in the state 11,520


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