Sensex-Nifty reaches record level in Muhurta trading; all-round buying seen in stock market


Bombay Stock Exchange

Muhurt Trading: During the Muhurta trading on Saturday, the stock market has seen a record boom. The rise in oil and gas to metal and banking stocks was the reason for the all-round rise in the market. The Sensex gained 280 points and the Nifty gained 89 points in Samvat 2077.

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Mumbai. During the Muhurta trading, there has been an all-round rise in the stock market. On Saturday, the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex and Nifty reached record levels in the stock market opened for some time only. In the beginning of Samvat 2077, the Sensex rose 280 points, or 0.65 percent, to reach the level of 43,638. The 30-share index also managed to reach an intra-day high of 43,830. At the same time, the Nifty 50 also closed with a gain of 89 points at 12,780.

Midcap and Smallcap stocks rise
Along with the big stocks, mid-cap and smallcap stocks have also been a good buy. The midcap index of the BSE has ended with a gain of 0.62 per cent. At the same time, the Smallcap index closed up 0.84 percent. Oil and gas stocks were also bought today. The BSE oil and gas index closed up 1.5 percent.

There was a good purchase in these sectorsThere was also buying in banking shares. Bank Nifty closed today at 28,519.20 with a gain of 0.2 per cent. The Nifty PSU bank index gained 0.11 percent and the private bank index gained 0.24 percent.

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The Nifty has closed at record highs in today’s all-round rally. Purchases have been seen in all the sector indices of BSE. Oil-gas, fertilizer was the fastest. Auto, pharma, realty stocks also rose. 35 out of 50 stocks of the Nifty rose. At the same time, 22 out of 30 stocks of Sensex were seen buying.

What is Muhurta Trading
This year Muhurta trading started at 6:15 pm and lasted till 7:15 pm on 14 November. The Pre-Open Muhurta session ran from 6:00 pm to 6:08 pm and the post closing Muhurta ranged between 7.25 to 7.35. Actually, Muhurta is an occasion in which the investment and business communities remember Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and celebrate the Samvat or the beginning of the new year.

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According to Hindu calendar, Muhurta is considered an auspicious time and during this hour the planet sets itself in such a way that the work done during this time gives good results and prosperity. Due to optimism of traders, the market is usually strong during Muhurta trading.


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