Schools Reopen Decision Belongs To The Local Administration Says Varsha Gaikwad Mumbai Schools Reopen Postponed


Mumbai : The government has decided to start classes IX to XI in educational institutions in Maharashtra. The local administration should take proper precautions while starting the school. Local district officers, group development officers and education officers have been instructed to take decisions in the interest of the health and education of the students only after exchanging views while starting schools in the districts affected by the corona. According to the order, the decision of the local administration will be important in terms of starting schools in the state.

Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad has given appropriate instructions to the officials of the education department in this regard. Although the actual classes have not started, the online learning system will continue. School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad told the media that the decision was taken by the education department to protect the health of students and teachers in the wake of the Corona epidemic.

Schools in Mumbai Municipal Corporation area will remain closed till December 31!

All private, government and municipal schools in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation area will remain closed till December 31. Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahal has given these orders. These orders have been issued due to the increasing prevalence of corona. Therefore, classes IX to XII will start in other parts of the state from next Monday, i.e. from November 23, but schools in Mumbai are now likely to start in the new year. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation Administration and Education Department is considering a roadmap on how to start the next academic year after December.

Watch the video: All schools in Mumbai Municipal Corporation area will be closed till December 31!

After the Mumbai Municipal Corporation decided to close the school till December 31, Varsha Gaikwad told ABP Mazha, “I left the decision to start the school to the local administration. Accordingly, I had a discussion with the Mumbai Municipal Commissioner in the morning and then this decision was taken. My meetings are still under discussion. Schools should start on November 23 at the place where the preparation took place. Also, where there is no preparation, the local administration will make a decision based on the situation. Now he is going to start a school in Nashik. My discussion is also going on in Pune. ‘

‘Parental consent is also important. Therefore, their consideration will also be taken into consideration. Schools are starting on November 23 in all places except Mumbai. Because not everyone gets education through online, it is very important to start a school. If the local administration feels that it is no longer possible to start a school and postpones it, those rights are enshrined in the guidelines. Even so, Varsha Gaikwad has said while speaking.

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Mumbai Schools Reopen Postponed | Schools in Mumbai Municipal Corporation area will remain closed till December 31!


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