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Belgaum: The incarnation of Lakhoba Lokhande has been revealed in Belgaum. Camp police have arrested a vagrant who was married to 5 people. The scoundrel, who pretends to be a military officer and cheats on women, is married to five people and has been lured to get a pension. Similarly, it has been revealed that he also cheated the wife of a martyred soldier. This totaya military officer has been handcuffed by the camp police.

The Army has nabbed the suspect, who was wearing a military uniform and was roaming around the camp premises, and handed him over to the camp police. His bing came out after a thorough investigation by the police. The Totaya military officer’s name is Manjunath Biradar and he is from Nalvatwad village in Bijapur district.

Pretending to be a Subhedar Major in the Army, he has married a whopping five women. In addition, the wives of more than ten martyred soldiers have been asked to pay one rank pension. He has confessed during the police interrogation that he took thousands of rupees as he employs many youths in the army.

The scoundrel has made such a fuss in many places, visited a village, dressed in military uniform, visited many dignitaries in the village and impressed them by pretending to be an officer. So sometimes I was told that I was an orphan and that I wanted to get married. Gaining sympathy in this way, he would marry a girl from the same village, stay in Sasurwadi for a month and suddenly disappear. He used to publicly felicitate the martyr’s family in the village and show them the lure of getting one rank pension by increasing their acquaintance with them.

In this way, he has boiled money from the wives of about ten martyred soldiers. Money has been boiled down to asking many young people to get jobs in the army. Camp police are currently investigating the puppet military officer and it is understood that the case came out of his uniform. The matter came to light while walking around the camp area in uniform and after that the camp police took the matter seriously.

Web Title: Fraud of women by pretending to be military officers

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