sana khan marriage: Sana khan, who is getting married to a cleric, said what else should be done with namaz – sana khan video on namaj this thought changed her life


Mumbai- Sana Khan, who appeared in the movie with Salman Khan and a contestant of Bigg Boss, had decided to leave Cineworld for Dharma a month ago. Today she met Maulana Mufti Ans in Gujarat. Following this news, many of Sana’s videos on Instagram are now going viral on social media. Sana is talking about Islam and good deeds in this video. She advises not to sin while praying.

In this video, Sana says, “Today I am going to share with you something that I accepted only after hearing it.” The thing is, don’t sin for the sake of it. Your crimes always stay with you. These are the crimes that lead us to hell. That’s why don’t commit crimes for a few minutes of fun.

After leaving Cineworld for Dharma, Sana Khan took a look at Maulana Mufti Ans

This video of Sana Khan has been trolled by many users. So many have appreciated her. Sana’s video is going viral. In this video she is seen in plain clothes. Sana had informed about leaving Cineworld through social media.

Meanwhile, Sana Khan married Maulana Mufti Ansar of Gujarat last night. The couple got married here in Surat. Two videos of Sana and her husband Mufti’s wedding have now surfaced. Ejaz Khan had introduced Sana and Mufti. At the wedding, Sana was wearing a white embroidered dress with hijab. The husband, Mufti Anas, was wearing a white kurta and pajamas.

Sana had said that she wanted to serve humanity. For this she will obey the command of Allah. After Sana decided to leave Cineworld, she deleted all the photos and videos on social media related to cinema and entertainment.


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