Renu Devi chosen BJP Legislature Deputy leader is RSS connected can become Deputy CM with Tarkishore Prasad who has been chosen Leader- Bihar: Renu is Nitish’s ally for 15 years


Ever since the results of Bihar elections, there is a struggle in the NDA to form a government and choose a leader. Despite 43 seats with the JDU, the alliance has given him the CM post. However, the BJP this time removed Sushil Modi from the post of deputy CM. It is believed that two deputy CMs will be appointed in his place in Bihar this time. One of these names is Tarkishore Prasad, an MLA elected from Katihar, while the other name is Renu Devi, an MLA from Bettiah. Both these leaders are considered very experienced in the politics of Bihar. Also, the association of the two with the Sangh is also believed to be the reason for their inclusion.

Who is Renu Devi ?: Born into an ordinary family of Betia, Renu Devi has a great association with the Sangh. Renu, the eldest of three brothers and five sisters, was married to Durga Prasad, an engineer from Calcutta. However, after the death of her husband, she made her maternal uncle, Betiya, her karmabhoomi. Renu Devi contested for the first time in 2000 after a political career began and defeated Birbal Yadav, the then RJD MLA from Bettiah. He then defeated Mangal Yadav of RJD in the 2005 elections held in February.

In November 2005, he again won the election. For the image of her strong female leader, she was given the post of youth-culture minister in the Nitish government. She again became an MLA in 2010. In 2015 Renu Devi was defeated by Congress’s Madan Mohan Tiwari by two thousand votes. But in this year’s election, Renu Devi returned and defeated Madanmohan Tiwari again. According to the election affidavit, Renu Devi has Rs 3 crore 7 lakh. They are inter pass and have rifles and pistols.

Tarkishore Prasad has been associated with BJP for 40 years in political journey: In Bihar BJP meeting, Tarkishore Prasad, who was elected the leader of the Legislature, is also expected to become Deputy Chief Minister. It is believed that he was considered the biggest contender in place of Sushil Modi. Born in Salkhaua, Saharsa on 5 January 1956, Tarkishore has been associated with the BJP since 1980. That is, Tarkishore played an important role, from raising the party to bringing it to power. He has been associated with the Sangh and has held important responsibilities in ABVP from 1974 to 1978.

Tarkishore Prasad was one of the leaders of ABVP to stand in opposition to the Emergency. They used to run the movement through underground. Tarkishore, who first became an MLA in 2005, has not lost the election yet. According to the affidavit submitted to the Election Commission, Tarkishore Prasad has assets worth 1.9 crore. Agriculture and trade are the main sources of their earnings.

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