Rajya Sabha Elections Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand



  • All candidates elected unopposed for the 10 seats of Uttar Pradesh for Rajya Sabha
  • For the first time in history, BJP reached the best position in Rajya Sabha, totaling 92 seats
  • Congress going through the worst phase, will save only 38 seats

All the candidates were elected unopposed for the 10 seats of Uttar Pradesh for the Rajya Sabha. On Monday, the Election Officer announced that the candidates would be elected unopposed as soon as the withdrawal period was over. With this, the BJP has reached the best position in the Rajya Sabha for the first time in history and the Congress in the worst condition in its history.

Those who reached the Rajya Sabha from these seats in Uttar Pradesh include Union ministers Hardeep Singh Puri, Arun Singh, former DGP Brijlal, Neeraj Shekhar, Haridwar Dubey, Geeta Shakya, BL Sharma and Seema Dwivedi from BJP. At the same time, one seat has gone to Ram Gopal Yadav of Samajwadi Party and one seat to Ramji Gautam of Bahujan Samaj Party.

BJP made bet in UP

Let us tell you that on November 25, the tenure of 10 Rajya Sabha MPs is coming to an end. These include three MPs from BJP, four from Samajwadi Party, two from BSP and one from Congress. In the Rajya Sabha elections, the BJP was in a position to win 9 candidates in UP, but left only one seat vacant, taking down only 8 candidates. While this bet of the BJP surprised everyone, the Congress and SP accused the BJP and BSP of alliances.

Mathematics of Rajya Sabha changed
After clearing the results in 11 seats of Rajya Sabha of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, BJP is at the peak in Rajya Sabha, while Congress seats have become the lowest in history. Now the BJP will have a total of 92 seats, while the Congress will have only 38 seats. If we talk about NDA, then the total number of NDA seats in Rajya Sabha will be 112. This number is just 10 seats away from the majority figure. Let us tell you that the total seats in Rajya Sabha are 245 out of which 12 seats nominate President members. Elections are held on the remaining seats.


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