Punjab and Haryana border fully sealed and police deployed but farmers reach for going Delhi


Kurukshetra / Ambala, JNN / ANI. In view of the farmers’ journey to Delhi, the Haryana government has completely sealed the border with Punjab. A large number of peasants broke through the police cordon in Ambala. In Kurukshetra, barricades were installed to prevent them. When they broke it and proceeded, the police fired water cannons at them.

In Kurukshetra, police were stationed at Baroda to prevent farmers from going to Delhi and barricades were placed on the highway. During this time the farmers have broken three blocks. Here the administration and police officer also talked to farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chadhuni, but the farmer did not believe and broke the barricades and started moving forward. After this, the police fired water cannons at the farmers from the water canon. The farmers also broke the police barrier set up in Tayoda village of Kurukshetra and have proceeded to Delhi.

Police-installed barricades in Kurukshetra.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra removed as ladwa

On Wednesday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was evacuated from Ladwa due to barricades planted between Shahabad and Kurukshetra to stop the farmers. No Congress leader was aware of Priyanka Gandhi’s passing through Ladwa. During this time, police officers were also sweated out to save their convoy from traffic. She was going from Chandigarh to Delhi. His convoy was evacuated from Shahabad towards Ladwa.

Earlier, there was a lot of tension on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway in Ambala and a large number of farmers gathered towards Punjab. Heavy police forces and paramilitary personnel were deployed to stop them and are still stationed there. . The border has been completely sealed and no one is being allowed to enter Haryana from Punjab. The Chandigarh-Delhi highway has been jammed for 15 kilometers. It involves people going to weddings and the bride and groom are also trapped.

15 km long jam on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway, people going to weddings also get stuck

Other borders in the state are also fully sealed. There is tight security on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway in Ambala and road traffic has been completely stopped by installing barricades. A large number of police and semi-security forces personnel are deployed from Punjab to stop the farmers. A team of Rapid Action Force is also stationed near Mohra Mandi in Ambala. A large number of farmers reached near Mandi and on the highway.

Rapid Action Force personnel deployed on Chandigarh-Ambala highway.

Farmers removed to Barikates, left for Delhi

The farmers gathered at the Mohra Grain Mandi have removed the barricades and left for Delhi. The police tried to stop the farmers, but they did not succeed due to their large number.

Police engaged on Shambhu border and Sadapur Border

Tight security arrangements have also been made at Shambhu Border and Sadapur Border to prevent farmers coming from Punjab. A large number of police and paramilitary forces have taken up the front. The Haryana-Punjab border is completely sealed and barricades have been installed. Two companies have been deployed by the police here. However, the Delhi National Highway is still operational. At present, there is no information about the arrival of farmers from these places in Punjab.

Police has already planned to divert the vehicles. According to this, people going to Chandigarh can go from Ambala city Hok Narayangarh road to Chandigarh via Handesara, Barwala. From Sultanpur Chowk, one can go to Jadaut, Barwala and Panchkula. To reach Punjab, one can go to Patiala via Devi Nagar via Hisar road bridge via Jamitgarh mode via Ghannaur.

Stone pelting on police

Police got information about farmers gathered on Shahpur railway track. She rushed to the spot to remove them. During this time some people also threw stones at the police. By the way, no one got hurt in this. The police later removed the farmers from the rail tracks.

15 km long jam on highway, farmers put anchor on road

Farmers eating anchor while sitting on Ambala-Chandigarh highway.

When the farmers of the police and semi-security forces stopped them from moving forward, they sat on the highway. This led to a jam about 15 km long. Apart from farmers, people going to weddings and baraat also got trapped. During this time, the farmers anchored on the road itself.

Punjab border seals in Sirsa and Jind, along with tractors on the border in Jind

In Haryana too, administration and farmer leaders have come face to face with the Bharatiya Kisan Union’s Delhi Cooch in protest against the agricultural laws. Farmer leaders are being held by the administration to prevent them from participating in the proposed peasant movement amid the growing transition of Corona in Delhi. The borders of the state have been completely sealed since Wednesday morning. In Sirsa and Jind, security has been made vigilant along the borders with Punjab and Section 144 has been imposed in Jhajjar district.

Farmers sitting on Ambala-Chandigarh highway.

Seeing the strictness of the police, Bhakiyu also changed his strategy and decided to collect the farmers of GT belt near village Mohra in Ambala district and farmers started coming here from Wednesday morning. Police has detained several farmers from Hisar, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Yamunanagar and Ambala, including three in Sirsa, one in Fatehabad, three in Karnal, six in Charkhidadari. In Ambala, blockade has been made to stop farmers coming from Punjab.

Rapid Action Force personnel posted at Haryana-Punjab border in Ambala.

In Jind, farmers of Punjab camped on the border

The Punjab border has been sealed by the police by putting barricades near village Data Singhwala. A heavy police force has been deployed near the barricades planted along the Punjab border. At the same time, many farmers of Punjab reached the border with a tractor trolley, but due to the barricade, the farmers camped there. They have started a bhandara within the border of Punjab. There are 30 blockades in the district.

Section-144 is applicable from 25 to 27 November in Jhajjar district

The Jhajjar district administration has sealed the inter-state and inter-district blocks to maintain law and order in the wake of the warning of farmers’ organizations to Delhi. Concrete steps are being taken by implementing Section 144 for the next three days.


Bhakiyu state president Anil Nandal detained from sleep

Anil Nandal alias Ballu Pradhan, state president of the Indian Farmers Union Ambavata in Rohtak, has been taken into custody by the police from his residence. The state president alleges that the policemen, armed in plain uniform, arrived at his residence and detained him like criminals. Police action was captured on their CCTV cameras.

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