Pakistan minister Shireen Mazari deletes tweet comparing Emmanuel Macron with nazi | Pakistan bowed to France, Minister Shireen Mazari removed controversial tweet


Islamabad: Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has deleted his controversial tweet, bowing to France’s opposition. In this tweet, he had criticized President Emmanuel Macron while targeting France.

Fault corrected
Mazari said on Sunday that the article I had cited has been improved. I have also removed my tweet, which was objected to. The French government had expressed displeasure over the statement of the human rights minister of Pakistan. The Foreign Ministry had asked Islamabad for clarification on the statement and corrected these comments and proceeded on the path of dialogue on the basis of respect. Shirin Mazari now has to delete her controversial tweet while bowing to the French protest.

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Hate speech
Sharing the link of a story on Saturday, Pakistani cabinet minister Shereen Mazari wrote, “Macrons are treating Muslims the same way the Nazis did to Jews during World War II.” France reacted immediately to this tweet by the Pakistani minister and demanded its removal. The French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that these words are full of hate, hate-mongers and sheer liars, associated with the ideology of violence. In the statement issued from the Ministry of External Affairs, it was further said that we oppose it outright and such things are not acceptable at this stage in any way.

Pakistan leads in protest
Let me tell you that there have been fierce protests against France in Pakistan. The fundamentalist organization Tehreek-e-Labbak, in the name of demonstrations, raised a furore in Islamabad demanding the French envoy to be taken out of the country, on which the Imran Khan government has agreed. Apart from this, the government has also supported the boycott of French products. All Muslim countries have turned against him for showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in France, in which Pakistan and Turkey are at the forefront.


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