Other news News: Students said, this is not an institutional murder, suicide – lady sriram college student suicide: students said this is not an act of suicide


Special Correspondent, New Delhi
The Students Union has blamed the College Administration and Science Ministry for the suicide of a student of Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University. Along with the demand for justice for the students, the students of the rest of the university including college students also protested on social media on Sunday. According to Unnimaya, General Secretary of LSR Student Union, this promising student of BSC Maths Honors Second Year committed suicide due to financial stress. She wrote in her last letter that the economic issue is in front of her and if she cannot read then she cannot live.

His Inspire Fellowship from the Ministry of Science had not even arrived for 1 year. Apart from this, when we talked to her family, it came to know that she was under stress even after getting enough of the hostel second year students of the college. This decision of the college administration during Kovid-19 was inhuman. It is not a suicide but an institutional murder.

The student committed suicide at his home in Rangareddy district in Telangana on 2 November. However, the college principal Suman Sharma says that it is very unfortunate that we have lost one of our students in this way. We have talked to his family. Talking to her mother revealed that the student took this step due to financial issues of the family. The student did not tell his teacher, department or college about any of his problems. Dr. Suman said, the scholarship comes from the Ministry of Science and Technology. She was not even stopped, but gets to the students after 2 years. The college attests all documents and comes from the scholarship ministry. On the hostel issue, he said, when students are admitted, they are told that the hostel will be given only in the first year. In the second year, they have to vacate for the first year students. it is already.

On Sunday, a press conference was organized on behalf of SFI on this issue, and the anger was expressed against the administration and the ministry. On Twitter, many university students including DU, JNU expressed their displeasure over the incident. Students said that the student was a state topper and was selected for the Science Ministry’s Inspire Fellowship in 2019. It is being told that its first installment was to be received in March 2020 but Kovid-19 was not received due to this.


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