Not India; Australia now in first place


Navi Delhi – First World Test title India have slipped to second place in the tournament standings. In the first place, Australia has claimed. Now the two teams in the final will be selected according to the percentage of points. Anil Kumble, chairman of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) cricket committee, has opted for a percentage of points, a recommendation made by the board, which has been approved by the ICC’s executive board.

Many matches were canceled due to corona coaching while some were postponed. Therefore, the percentage of points was chosen for the canceled matches.

According to the new criteria, Australia has taken the lead. Australia’s score is 0.822 and India’s is 0.75. The Cricket Committee and the Chief Executive Committee have endorsed the merit system based on the number of matches completed and the number of points earned based on their performance. Care has also been taken to ensure that some teams do not play in a match without making a mistake.

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