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Ritu Rana, East Delhi. Books are nothing less than treasures for a student. Sometimes due to lack of money, many children are unable to read, the book bank provides free books to the needy children. If you also want to help a needy child by donating your child’s book to the book bank, you can contact 9212167989 on this mobile number.

Satish Chawla is providing free books to the needy children by opening a book bank at street number 12A-7 in New Govind Pura, East Delhi. Satish Chawla started this work in 2008, he gets thousands of books donated, which are provided free to poor children to read.

After completion of studies, the children return to the books themselves: Satish said that eight years ago it was started for children who are interested in reading, but for some reason they cannot buy expensive books. Now thousands of children have joined them slowly. Children come from far and wide to give them books. He said that the good thing is that after understanding the responsibility of the children, after completing their studies, the books are also returned to themselves so that they can be of use to others.

Satish said that he has many books available for almost every class and competitive examinations. Books from primary class to engineering, NEET, SSC Fitji are also available with him. Whether they are CBSE or NCERT books or Assistant books, they are easily available. Many children thank their parents after passing the examinations and return books with their parents.

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