Naxalite commander of 10 lakh killed in encounter, family members said – we have no money, the police should take the dead body home


The Gaya police has killed the Naxalite commander in an encounter. (File photo)

In the police (police), a reward of 10 lakh Zonal Naxalite commander (Alax Chatra) has been shot down in the Encounter. At the same time, the naxalites have said that they do not have that much money, so that we can bring the dead body to our house.

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Gone. The relatives of Maoist zonal commander Alok, who was killed in an encounter with the police late night in the Barachatti police station area under Gaya district of Bihar, have pleaded with the police to give the body. Family members say that his son had joined the Naxalite organization during his childhood, due to which his financial situation has worsened.

Family members say that Alok’s wife has lived in her maternal home since joining his organization. In such a situation, even today, his family is not in a position to bring the dead body from Gaya in Bihar, because the car is needed to bring the dead body and they do not have the money for it. The family has requested the Gaya Police and the senior police officials of the district to get the body of his village located in Chatra.

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The family said that she was married after passing the matriculation examination in 2002, but she was implicated in a fake case in a murder incident in the village, after which she left family and family in the CPI Maoist organization Had joined Family members said that Alok has not returned home since joining the organization. Only old parents remain in his house. Family members said that he had often appealed to leave arms and join the mainstream, but he did not agree. Now the family members of Alok have appealed to other Naxalites to join the mainstream. It is worth mentioning that the one-million-rupee zonal commander Alok Chatra, who was killed in a police encounter, was a resident of Barani-Sikid village in Sadar police station area. There are more than a dozen felony cases registered against him in various police stations of the district and the police was looking for him for a long time.


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