Nagrota encounter – Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists killed by border grid technology on LoC



  • 4 Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists killed in Nagrota are seen as a success of the border grid strategy
  • Due to the infiltration efforts of the terrorists, the Indian security forces installed an anti-infiltration grid on the LoC this year.
  • Its horror is also being seen among the terrorists and the attempt to infiltrate the valley declined compared to last year.

Bharti Jain, Srinagar
The 4 Jaish-e-Mohammed militants killed in Nagrota in Jammu and Kashmir are being seen as another breakthrough of the border grid strategy. Actually, Indian security forces have established an anti-infiltration grid on the Line of Control (LoC) and the International Border this year due to infiltration attempts by terrorists. It is being strengthened with vigilance and close monitoring of the Army and BSF.

Along with this, a large number of Jammu and Kashmir police in the border districts and terrorists who are trying to flee with high vigilance level are being caught. Success in the Nagrota encounter has also been made possible by strong anti-infiltration tactics. At the same time, its horror is being seen among the terrorists and the attempt to infiltrate the valley has declined compared to last year.

Nagrota Encounter: The truck in which the terrorists were hidden, was blown up by the soldiers during the encounter.

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38% drop in infiltration attempts
Jammu and Kashmir police sources claim that till October this year, the cross-border activity of terrorists from Pakistan has reduced by 38 per cent. According to Jammu and Kashmir infiltration data, by October this year, around 77 militants tried to enter Kashmir, out of which 17 were piled up, 24 escaped back to Pakistan or PoK while the remaining 36 militants infiltrated into the Union Territory. Was successful.

More infiltration attempts in Jammu in the valley
During the same period in 2019, about 200 militants tried to infiltrate, out of which 4 were killed, 62 fled back to Pakistan while 135 were successful in sneaking into Jammu and Kashmir.

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Significantly, in October this year, 27 out of 46 infiltrations into the Kashmir Valley were successful, while only 9 out of 31 terrorists who tried to infiltrate into the Jammu region along the LoC / international border were successful. In 2019 too, 76% infiltration into Kashmir valley was successful whereas in Jammu region this figure was only 7%.
Movement increased since 370 withdrawal
Since the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir on 5 August 2019 last year, infiltration attempts have increased substantially. Between two months of August and October last year, 112 terrorists tried to infiltrate from across the border.

With the passage of month after month, these infiltration figures show that there were 20 such attempts in September this year as compared to double in September last year.

Terrorists try this year

There is a lot of infiltration in October. Most of the terrorist organizations of Pakistan live in the jugaad of sending their terrorists across the border before the snow falls. This year saw only 4 attempts and all failed. In October 2019, 26 terrorists tried to infiltrate, of which 12 were successful.


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