mumbai airport full emergency: Mumbai Airport: ‘Full Emergency’ at Mumbai Airport; See exactly what happened – panic at mumbai international airport as bengaluru bound flight makes emergency landing


Mumbai: An Ethiopian cargo plane en route from Riyadh to Bangalore landed at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport today in an emergency. The incident had at times created an atmosphere of fear at the airport. (Ethiopian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Mumbai Airport Latest Updates)

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The Ethiopian cargo plane was en route from Riyadh to Bangalore. Meanwhile, the plane was immediately diverted to Mumbai due to a large oil spill from the front wheel. The plane landed at Mumbai airport in an emergency. Considering the possible danger of an accident, three bombs, two rescue vehicles and an ambulance were immediately deployed at the Mumbai airport. However, the pilot and six members of the plane landed safely and the situation was said to be under control.

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Why was a ‘full emergency’ declared?

Mumbai Airport has a lot of flights. Although the airline currently has limited flights due to the corona, everyone was shocked to learn that the plane was making an emergency landing. The flight from Riyadh was bound for Bangalore. However, as soon as it was noticed that oil was leaking, the plane was immediately diverted to Mumbai. The message was immediately sent to Mumbai Airport. Given the gravity of the situation, a ‘full emergency’ was declared at the airport. As part of this, all preparations were made to deal with a possible accident. Fortunately, however, no such incident arose. The pilot used all his skill to land the plane safely at the airport and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It was also informed that further inquiries are underway and the matter will be investigated. It will also be inquired whether the oil spill was already taking place or started later.

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