MP Assembly pro tem Speaker Rameshwar Sharma said Pakistan and ISI agents associated with love jihad


Bhopal, ANI / JNN. Protem Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly Rameshwar Sharma said on Wednesday that Pakistan and ISI agents were involved with Love Jihad somewhere. Pakistan and ISI agents plot to make Sita a Rubia. How long will we let Sita become Rubia and die? Along with this, Sharma appreciated the Government of Madhya Pradesh for bringing strict law against Love Jihad.

Rameshwar Sharma also questioned that if true love like Nargis and Sunil Dutt is seen anywhere in the present times, then show me. How many Nargis were married with Sunil Dutt? The Government of Madhya Pradesh has taken an excellent decision to enact strict laws against Love Jihad. There should be a provision of 10 years of imprisonment in this crime. Pakistan and ISI agents plotting to convert Sita into Rubia …

Protem Speaker Sharma asked, how long will we let Sita become Rubia, how long will we let Sita die? India and Madhya Pradesh should respect women. Therefore, strict laws will be made so that criminals will be afraid.

Along with this, Rameshwar Sharma, the Protem Speaker (occasional Speaker) of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly has written a letter to the Chief Minister to make the provision of the sentence up to ten years in the said law. He has said that people involved in Love Jihad implicate daughters by luring them or changing their identities, raping them and later killing them. Regarding those who call Love Jihad as Love, the Protem Speaker made it clear that the pain of the daughter of whose house is a victim of this conspiracy should be understood.

Sharma has written in a letter to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan demanding that the sister and daughters of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes be seduced and converted and the facilities given to them should be restricted when they get married. Citing the decision of the Supreme Court relating to Bihar, he wrote that there are instructions to adopt a lenient attitude in relation to the grant of bail in offenses punishable by up to seven years.

Sharma has said that for offenses punishable under 10 years, there is a provision to give bail to the accused in 60 days, while in other serious offenses, the period is 90 days. If the punishment is 10 years in Love Jihad, the criminals will be scared and they will not get bail soon. By doing this, the intention of this law will also be fulfilled.

It is known that Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Tuesday said that the state government will bring a strict law against ‘Love Jihad’ in the next assembly session which will provide for five years of rigorous imprisonment.

Mishra had said that many state governments are also seriously considering such laws regarding the growing cases of love jihad. The government of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan is also going to bring a strong law. The law to be brought against Love Jihad would be a non-bailable offense. It is worth mentioning that states like Karnataka and Haryana have also spoken about the introduction of similar laws regarding Love Jihad.

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