MHA Covid-19 New Guidelines & Rules in Hindi Corona increasing concern union government home ministry issued new guidelines for states and union territories take strict steps – Corona is increasing concern, government issued new guidelines, told states – take strict steps


In the wake of severe corona cases, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new guidelines for monitoring, control and precautions related to Kovid. It has asked states / union territories to take stringent measures for prevention of infection, various types of activities and crowd control.

The guidelines state that only essential activities will be allowed in the containment zone. Local district, police and municipal officials will be responsible for ensuring that the prescribed measures are strictly followed. The governments of the States / Union Territories have been directed to instruct the concerned authorities to ensure accountability.

In the national capital, with increasing cases of corona virus, officials in some districts are creating micro-controlled areas where two or more infections have been reported. Officials said on Wednesday that this was being done to better manage the epidemic. He said that in general, an area is then declared as a closed area, where three or more cases of Kovid-19 are reported. But this is a practice which is done by the district officials on need basis.

The Delhi Epidemic Disease Kovid-19 Regulation, in 2020, empowers the District Magistrate to seal an area, restrict the entry or exit of population from the detained area and implement any measures issued by the Department of Health to prevent the epidemic from spreading. gives. According to a senior Delhi government official, micro-restricted areas have been created in the southwest and northwest districts, while other districts are also adopting a flexible approach to better prevent virus infection.

The District Magistrate of South West District on Sunday issued an order to create a micro-controlled area in view of the spread of Corona virus in the district. The order stated, “To prevent further spread of the disease, it is ordered that two or more cases of Kovid-19 in the same house, building or adjoining area be made a micro-barred zone. A senior district official said that steps have been taken to implement separate habitat measures in a better way.

According to the latest figures, there are 4980 detained areas in the metropolis, out of which 863 are in the South West district. In the North Eastern district too, the authorities have decided the rule of two or more cases to create a micro-controlled area. In the last few weeks, Delhi is witnessing an increase in corona virus cases. On Tuesday, 6224 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the metropolis while 109 people died.

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