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Maratha Reservation – Decision to set up a bench soon

Mumbai : The Chief Justice has said that he will take a decision as soon as possible on the state government’s application to set up a tribunal on Maratha reservation. This is a very positive thing. Accordingly, they are expected to set up a tribunal as soon as possible and the matter of Maratha reservation will be heard before that tribunal, said Ashok Chavan, Chairman, Sub-Committee on Maratha Reservation, Cabinet.

An interim order passed by a three-member bench of the Supreme Court on September 9, 2020 has affected thousands of SEBC students in the recruitment and academic admissions process. It has had many serious consequences. Therefore, Rohatgi today requested the Chief Justice to hear the state government’s application for revocation of the interim order. Rohatgi also pointed out that the state government had twice before submitted written applications to the Supreme Court on October 7 and October 28. The application will be considered as soon as possible, the chief justice said.

Ashok Chavan said that a written application for adjournment of the interim order on Maratha reservation had been filed before him twice before, but the same application was filed for the third time on Monday, November 2.

Information given by Ashok Chavan Political conspiracy behind the agitation

Ashok Chavan made a serious allegation that politicians have infiltrated the Maratha movement and they want to argue between Marathas and OBCs. He said that there was a political conspiracy being hatched by some parties and they wanted to take advantage of it by arguing against OBC as Maratha.

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