Man’s trust in lockdown increased, demand increased


Jagran Correspondent, West Delhi: During the lockdown, when people were forced to stay in the boundary walls of their house, the relationship between humans and pets with the dog further strengthened. Humans have always had an attachment to the dog, but Corona worked to increase it further. This increase in attachment to dogs is also pleasing to the domestic pet market. The rules related to demand and supply are also working here. During the lockdown, there has been a jump of around 20 per cent in the price of different breed dogs.

Ajay, a resident of Rajnagar in Palam who provides people with the desired breed of dogs, says that in the metropolitan lifestyle, now the size of our house has become much smaller than before. In view of this, nowadays people demand more of such a breed dog, who should stay at least in the place of flats. They say that the beagle breed dog easily stays with you in any season. Similarly, Shithaju, Maltis and Golden Retriever are some of the breeds that easily blend into the family. Where they live, they do not waste even a little time to mold themselves in the environment. People are usually taken to the dog in the morning and evening to go outside, but even when people were not leaving their homes in lockdown, the dogs did not have any problem. He adapted himself to a new environment. Demand for these small-sized dogs has increased tremendously in lockdown. One of the reasons for the price rise was the increase in demand, as well as the dogs of these breeds in Delhi are sourced from the areas of Punjab and Haryana. When there was a ban on movement in lockdown, their availability was reduced here. Then prices rose on sight.

No shortage in demand

Pankaj, a resident of Uttam Nagar, says that you were locked in the house in lockdown, but the dog never allowed any member of the house to feel isolated. Shambhu, a resident of Dwarka, also tells a similar thing. Shambhu says that recently he has seen dogs in the house of many friends.

Shopkeepers also happy

Traders say that the practice of raising dogs has started to grow significantly since the lockdown. Its effect is now being seen in the market as well. The demand for Schwann’s food items, Schwann’s toys and Schwann’s apparel has increased compared to earlier.


During the lockdown, public attraction to the dog has increased. With this, the number of dog owners has increased. Most people prefer small sized dogs. Especially, people who are now doing office work from home or a couple who do not have children yet, are placing more emphasis on keeping the dog at home.

Dr. Arvid Nigam, Veterinarian

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