Kunal Kamra open letter to Supreme Court judges declares he did not intend to retract or apologize for his tweets – charges of contempt of Supreme Court: Kunal Kamra wrote open letter


The comedian on Friday opened a letter to Supreme Court judges and the central government’s biggest advocate after Attorney General KK Venugopal agreed to initiate contempt proceedings against comedian Kunal Kamra over a tweet criticizing the Supreme Court. Wrote Through this, he has said that he will not apologize for his statements. Kamra said in the tweets he expressed his views on the Supreme Court’s decision on Arnab Goswami’s bail plea.

Kamra wrote, “My views have not changed, because the silence of the Supreme Court on the personal liberty of others cannot be separated from criticism.” I do not intend to retract my tweets or apologize to them.
I believe they speak for themselves. “Kamra has shared the letter, writing,” No lawyer, no apology, no penalty, no waste of space. “

He also suggested that the court time could be better utilized in cases related to demonetisation, pleas challenging the withdrawal of special status of Jammu and Kashmir, validity of electoral bonds or hearing of others. Other matters are more worthy of attention and time. ”

A day earlier, Attorney General Venugopal has agreed to initiate contempt proceedings against Kamra. He said that these tweets are very objectionable and the time has come that people should understand that the target will be punished for targeting the top court. He said, “Today people believe that they can criticize the Supreme Court and judges shamelessly and shamelessly using their freedom of expression but freedom of expression in the constitution is subject to contempt law.”

The petitioners sought consent from the top law officer to initiate contempt proceedings against Kamra. Venugopal wrote in a letter to a petitioner, “I have noticed the tweet mentioned regarding consent to initiate criminal contempt proceedings against Kunal Kamra.” These tweets are not only very objectionable but also clearly cross the line between humor and contempt of court. ”

In the letter, he has said, “Therefore I am giving my consent to initiate the process of contempt proceedings against Kunal Kamra”. Attorney for initiating contempt proceedings against a person under Section 15 of the Contempt of Court Act 1971 Recommendation of General or Solicitor General is required.

The Attorney General said that other tweets are also highly objectionable and it is for the court to decide whether these tweets led to contempt of the Supreme Court? He said, “I see that today people believe that they can criticize the Supreme Court and its judges with outspokenness and shamelessness on what they feel under freedom of expression.”

Quoting Kamra’s tweet, he said that the tweet also contained “a photograph of the Supreme Court building which is depicted in saffron and the building bears the ruling party’s flag”. There is a strong attack that the court is not an independent and impartial institution and not its judge, but this ruling party is the court of the BJP and is for the BJP. In my opinion this has led to contempt of court.

In a letter requesting the Attorney General’s consent to initiate contempt proceedings against Kamra, the three lawyers had claimed that Kamra, via her tweet, after the apex court granted interim bail to Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami Tried to reduce the dignity of the Supreme Court. In another letter, the Pune lawyer said that objectionable remarks on the current judge of the Supreme Court and an incorrect picture of the Supreme Court premises were published on Twitter.


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