Kovid-19 vaccine will come in distribution of logistics and supplies: Experts


CCMB is developing a ‘proof of concept’ for the Kovid-19 vaccine. (Pic- Reuters)

The Director of the Industrial Council for Scientific and Research (CSIR) said that during vaccination against Coronavirus Vaccine, there will be challenges related to logistics and supply for distribution of vaccine in the country.

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Hyderabad. Director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), working under the Scientific and Research Industrial Council (CSIR), states that the equipment to distribute the vaccine (Coronavirus Vaccine) in the country during the vaccination Aurobindo Pharma against Kovid-19 And there will be many challenges like supply chain.

He also said that until effective vaccines are available, efforts should be made to stop the virus from spreading. CCMB director Dr Rakesh Mishra said that the government will do its job with the purchase and distribution of the vaccine, but the focus should be on controlling the infection. In addition, studies should be conducted for more effective anti-infection drugs to combat infection until the vaccine is available.

He said that apart from the production of Covid-19 vaccine, logistics and supply are other challenges for its distribution. In India, there is no vaccination program for adults except for tetanus vaccine for pregnant women. Mishra said that there are many difficulties in vaccination of children also, because many people do not get vaccinated at all.

He said that at least two doses may be required for most vaccines and the second vaccine should be applied after a certain number of days. Ensuring this will be another challenge.Also read: Maharashtra may face lockdown again, Pawar said – will decide after review

Mishra told PTI language that vaccines of some companies would have to be kept at temperatures below minus 70 degrees Celsius. It will be difficult to manage in places other than big cities. He said that apart from this, there is another matter of concern that only after two to three years will it be known whether the vaccine is really effective in the long run or not.

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CCMB is developing a ‘proof of concept’ for the Covid-19 vaccine. This is part of the agreement with Arvindo Pharma. In the ‘Proof of Concept’ it is ascertained whether a concept can be turned into reality and the practicality of its concept.

Mishra said that the goal of CSIR is to reach the “conclusion” of its efforts in about three months. Mishra said that once it is ready, it will be handed over to Arvindo Pharma for further processing.


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