kartiki yatra 2020: restrictions on kartiki yatra; Warkari sect took ‘this’ big decision – govt decided to deny entry in pandharpu for warkaris on kartiki ekadash


Pandharpur: It was announced at the meeting of the Warkari Coordinating Committee that the Warkari sect would boycott all the upcoming election process as no party supported the role of Karthiki Yatra in a limited format by visiting all the political parties.

Rana Maharaj Vaskar said, “Even if we cooperate with the government every time, if injustice is being done to the Warkari sect, then the sect will not remain silent. In every forthcoming election, the Warkari sect will go to the villages and appeal to the devotees of Vitthal to boycott the elections, ‘said Vaskar.

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On the one hand, while banning the Warakaris from coming to Karthiki for generations, if the government is giving a representative Wari certificate, then why should the Deputy Chief Minister perform the official Maha Puja in a representative manner? An appeal was also made to worship Karthiki Ekadashi at the hands of the local prefect.

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